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Into the Data Vault via Data Warehouse Automation

April 2017 Sponsored by WhereScape. Download pdf A ThoughtPoint positioning Data Vault and Data Warehouse Automation for agility and speed. […]

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The EDW Lives On: The Beating Heart of the Data Lake

April 2017 (updated May 2018) Sponsored by Hortonworks.   Download pdf   Understanding the complementary and parallel needs for and functions of data warehouses and lakes is vital if you want to get the maximum value from both investments.   […]

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BI Data Governance: The Secret of Successful Business Decision Making

March 2017 Sponsored by Yellowfin. Download pdf Applying data governance principles and practices with the BI environment is an important step in ensuring that business people understand its importance and contribute to its implementation. […]

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Advanced Analytics Showcase, Netherlands, May 2017

Keynote: Human life beyond Analytics, Netherlands, 23 May 2017 Barry Devlin explores the ethical and economic impacts of analytics, artificial intelligence and algorithms on life as a human being in the next few years. […]

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How AI and IoT will transform Decision Making, Rome, May 2017

How Artificial Intelligence and IoT will transform Decision Making, Rome, 29 May 2017 A one-day seminar that lays the foundation to enable you to take advantage of AI and IoT data, building upon familiar computing paradigms such as programming, operational systems, databases, analytics and Business Intelligence. […]

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How to Build the Digital Business, Rome, May 2017

How to Build the Digital Business using Intelligent Information and Adaptive Technology, Rome, 30-31 May 2017 A two-day seminar describing the architecture and technology options for digitalized business, based on the book Business unIntelligence (attendees will receive a copy)and subsequent developments. […]

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International Data, BI and Analytics Conference, Rome, June 2017

International Data, BI and Analytics Conference, Rome, 22-23 June 2017 Building the Data Driven Smart Enterprise Barry Devlin will present two sessions in the conference: Trends And Directions—All The Way From BI to AI Data Warehouse Automation—Time To Stop Hand-Crafting Your Information Environment […]

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ITWeb BI Summit, Johannesburg, March 2017

Business Intelligence Summit, Johannesburg, 14-16 March, 2016 Barry will keynote on “The New MDM – moral data management” on Wednesday, 15 March and present a half-day workshop entitled “Data Lakes – From Architecture to Implementation” on Thursday, 16 March. […]

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DataWorks Summit, Munich, April 2017

DataWorks Summit 2017, Munich, 5-6 April 2017 Barry will present a keynote address entitled “Human Life Beyond Big Data and AI” on Wednesday, 6th April. […]

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Seminar with Barry Devlin, Helsinki, Feb 2017

Two-part seminar with Barry Devlin, Helsinki, Feb 10, 2017 Barry discusses the journey from BI to AI along the road of the Internet of Things (IoT) after diving into the Data Lake to see what’s growing there. […]

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