When Good Data Goes Bad Keynote

Plenary Keynote, 17 November 2021, 9am GMT Business Intelligence & Analytics Conference – a Virtual Conference, 15-17 November 2021 In the keynote, Dr, Barry Devlin will examples of how good data went bad, why it happened and what was the outcome, and how you can avoid similar rotten problems in your business. Register at “Business [...]

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Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe, Seminar, Oct 2021

An Information-Centric Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business, 11 October, 09:30 BST         In this half-day online seminar, part of the Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe by IRM UK, Dr. Barry Devlin describes the Digital Information Systems Architecture (DISA), which forms the basis for an eneterprise architecture for digital business. […]

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Data Ed Week Europe, London, Nov 2019

  Essentials of Data Warehouses, Lakes and BI in Digital Business, London, 18-19 November 2019 In this 2-day deep dive, Dr. Barry Devlin charts the essentials of data warehouses and data lakes, BI and analytics to build a digital business from the existing data warehouse and BI systems running enterprises today. […]

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BI & Analytics Conference Europe, London, Nov 2019

  Two complementary half-day seminars by Dr. Barry Devlin positioning emerging AI technology in the context of familiar paradigms such as such as BI and analytics, exploring the application of different types of machine learning and algorithms, and exploring the relationship between big data from multiple sources and the many types of AI /machine learning [...]

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