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Collaborative Analytics, Sharing and Harvesting Analytic Insights across the Business

June 2009 Sponsored by Lyzasoft Inc. Download pdf Business analysts are, by tradition, hunter-gatherers. Independently or in small, close-knit groups, they stalk the wild data resources of the business, seeking out new and unusual facts, and building from them deep insights into the meaning of business life and events. Armed with little more than their spreadsheets, they single-handedly recalculate cells and pivot tables in search of that “ah-ha” moment when innovation emerges from its lair. […]

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Analytic Databases in the World of the Data Warehouse

April 2009 BI ThoughtLeaderTM by ParAccel Download pdf The majority of companies have implemented their business intelligence (BI) environments according to a physically layered data warehouse architecture and based on traditional general-purpose relational databases. Specialized analytic databases using technologies such as columnar orientation, massively parallel processing and other techniques have now emerged. Such new DBMSs [...]

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Playmarts: Agility with Control, Reconnecting Business Analysts to the Data Warehouse

December 2008 Sponsored by Lyzasoft Inc. Download pdf One key group of potential users of Business Intelligence tools and Data Warehouse data has been seriously underserved for many years. These power business analysts resort to a mish-mash of desktop productivity tools to support them in their search for innovative answers in the ever-growing jungles of [...]

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White Papers with IBM

Barry published a number of White Papers for IBM on the emergence of new trends in collaborative computing and of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with particular emphasis on the implications for how IT will support business in the future. "The evolution of Office Work", Barry Devlin, IBM White Paper Series, (2005-06), Part 1, Part 2, [...]

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