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TDWI, Munich, June 22-24
Analytics & BI Summit, Rome, June 25-26
Big Data and BI Workshop, Singapore, July 6-8


Metadata, Models and the Magic of Meaning, Copenhagen, Feb 2017

Metadata, Models and the Magic of Meaning, Copenhagen, Feb 9, 2017 Dr. Barry Devlin spends and afternoon exploring how meaning is driving changes in the use and value of metadata and models, and paving the way for algorithms in decision making. […]

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From BI to IoT Seminar, Netherlands, Feb 2017

From BI to IoT: Many Needs, Multiple Tools but Only One Architecture, Netherlands, 6 February 2017 This one-day seminar by Barry is based on the architecture described in his book “Business unIntelligence” and developments since then. A signed copy of the book is offered free to every attendee. […]

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Redesigning your IT Environment Seminar, Rome, Nov 2016

Redesigning your IT Environment for the Business of the Future, Rome, 14-15 November 2016 A two-day seminar describing the architecture and technology options for digitalized business, based on the book Business unIntelligence and subsequent developments. […]

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Building the Data-Driven Business, New Zealand, Sept 2016

Building the Data-Driven Business, New Zealand Auckland, 30 Aug – 1 Sept 2016 and Wellington 5-7 Sept 2016 Methods and techniques for smart analytics and diverse information challenges – a 3 Day Training Course by Barry Devlin and Chris LaGrange […]

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Building the Data-Driven Business, Sydney, August 2016

Building the Data-Driven Business, Sydney, 24-25 August 2016 Architecture and Tools for Smart Operations, Analytics and Information A two-day seminar on how your IT environment and organisation can succeed and become a real partner with business in driving change and managing the introduction of fully integrated, real-time processes, closely linking information and activities from all areas of the enterprise. […]

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ITWeb BI Summit, Johannesburg, March 2016

Business Intelligence Summit, Johannesburg, 1-3 March, 2016 Barry will chair a panel on “Taking BI to the decision maker” on Tuesday, 1 March and present a half-day workshop entitled “Business unIntelligence – Decision Making via Algorithms and Big Data” on Thursday, 3 March. […]

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IT Directors’ Forum, Athens, Oct 2015

IT Directors’ Forum, Athens, 22 October 2015 (link in Greek) Barry Devlin will deliver the keynote “Reinventing Business and IT Leadership through Big Data” and a pre-seminar “Building a Data Driven Business: Opportunities and Pitfalls” on 21 October, 14:00-19:00 […]

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Recreating BI and DW, Rome, Nov 2015

Recreating BI and DW— New Architecture and Advanced Technologies, Rome, 9-10 November 2015 Barry Devlin presents a two-day seminar defining a new architecture for IT that emerges from modern business uses of big data, analytics and the Internet of Things and drives the use of advance technology throughout the entire IT system. Attendees will also receive a copy of Barry’s seminal book “Business Intelligence: Insight and Innovation beyond Analytics and Big Data”. […]

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Big Data & BI Workshop, Singapore, August 2015

This workshop has been cancelled. Download brochure A three-day intensive workshop with Barry Devlin based on the concepts of Business unIntelligence. This workshop describes the new, comprehensive architecture required for modern businesses, as well as directly addressing how you can evolve from your current business intelligence environment to benefit from big data, the Internet of Things and related technologies. […]

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TDWI Munich Conference, June 2015

TDWI Munich Conference 22-24 June, 2015 Barry Devlin presents a three-hour class: Building a Data Driven Business: Opportunities and Pitfalls Wednesday, 24 June, 9am – noon […]

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