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Charting the Expanding Horizons of Big Data: Big Data 2016

gi_88032_big-data-2016_300x190November 2016

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The fourth EMA / 9sight Big Data Survey was conducted in March 2016, with the results published in November.

The research explores the wide range of ways in which non-traditional data, often in combination with more traditional types, enables new or improved business processes. As established in previous surveys, big data offers a wide range of possibilities, but the name “big data” itself still keeps media and industry eyes focused on size as the defining feature to the detriment of other important and evolving aspect of data and information practice.


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Data Lakes and Why Business Might Want One

36909340 - old boat steering wheel from woodSeptember 2016

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Exploring the business value that can be garnered from a data lake by examining a number of real, but anonymized, examples across different industries.


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Data Discovery Automation – Learning from the Warehouse Experience

DWA_Fig_1April 2016

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Introducing the Discovery Hub as a central supply point for core business information to Data Discovery users.




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Data Warehouse… Done: Automatic for and by the business

inca_quipuDecember 2015

Sponsored by QOSQO / quipu.

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Offering three principles and practices by which business can support data warehouse automation projects.


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Toward frictionless data discovery: IBM Fluid Query eases the way

IBMFQ-smallSeptember 2015

Sponsored by IBM Corp.

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How the problems of multi-source data discovery as experienced by a typical business analyst today can be addressed by introducing an integrated information platform—a modern, high-level architecture—that includes data virtualization.


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Insights Across the Hybrid Enterprise: Big Data 2015

EMA HDE 2015April 2015

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The third EMA / 9sight Big Data Survey was conducted in late 2014, with the results published in April 2015. Beyond Big Data itself, the survey also addressed the concepts of data lake, data driven and the Internet of Things, providing a comprehensive view of the state of thinking in the broadest definition of Big Data from 351 respondents.  (more…)

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