Insights Across the Hybrid Enterprise: Big Data 2015

EMA HDE 2015April 2015

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The third EMA / 9sight Big Data Survey was conducted in late 2014, with the results published in April 2015. Beyond Big Data itself, the survey also addressed the concepts of data lake, data driven and the Internet of Things, providing a comprehensive view of the state of thinking in the broadest definition of Big Data from 351 respondents.  (more…)

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BI, Built to Order, On-demand: Automating data warehouse delivery

January 2015

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Three key ways in which data warehouse automation changes the design, development and ongoing maintenance of data warehouses and marts. First, how automation addresses the old conundrum of delivering consistent, quality data in the timeframe demanded by modern business needs. Second, how streamlining the overall process provides a single repository of metadata and integrated tooling to speed and simplify development. Third, how business and IT can truly collaborate in delivering business solutions.  (more…)

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The Emergent Operational/Informational World: An examination of the emerging importance of HTAP

November 2014

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We explain how and why the current layered DW architecture developed and examine why today’s business imperatives of speedy decision making and data driven action taking demand a new operational/informational approach. This environment, also called HTAP (hybrid transaction/analytical processing), needs a combination of in-memory operation and novel database techniques to enable simultaneous read/write and long-read activities on the same data.  (more…)

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