Data warehouse automation for Banking and Financial Services: Driving speed and agility with Kalido

October 2014

Sponsored by Kalido Inc.

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This paper examines four use-case-based business needs in banks and financial institutions that demand increasing speed, agility and business-IT collaboration in today’s market conditions. In each of these areas–reporting, risk management, customer profitability and responsive decision making–we examine the business challenges, prior and current implementation problems, and the answers offered by data warehouse automation.  (more…)

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Putting Data in Business Context: The Value and Virtue of a Business Directory

September 2014

Sponsored by Cisco

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In this paper, we explore the evolution of metadata to context-setting information and describe the Business Directory in which it is stored, managed and made available to business users. We propose the adaptive decision cycle as a model to bridge from discovery and exploration to production and governance. Finally, we offers an emerging vision of sandboxing as an environment where data can be reunited with the context needed both for informed innovation and optimized production.  (more…)

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Analytics–adaptive, accelerated, and available: Real value delivered through IBM Business Analytics

June 2014

Sponsored by International Business Machines

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By describing seven real customer implementations across four industries, this paper steps beyond marketing hype around analytics and provides compelling evidence of what it can deliver in actual implementations. To differing degrees, these implementations show triple-A characteristics required of analytics today to create business value: adaptive decisions and accelerated action based on all available information delivered via the optimal technology.  (more…)

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The Marriage of BI and Big Data—Business unIntelligence

Replay (YouTube): ACM Webinar, 17 June, 2014

Presented by ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery

As big data and business analytics become the norm, companies with existing data warehouse architectures are worrying how these new approaches relate to traditional BI and what must be done to implement new analytic systems. Unfortunately, much current advice focuses on what’s new rather than what to do to get from current systems to fully integrated big data and analytics and reap the clear benefits. What is needed is a new information architecture that combines the best of current data warehousing approaches and facilitates integration of what is new. This webinar is based on Barry Devlin’s new book Business unIntelligence – Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data and will cover:

  • Business drivers and results of the emerging biz-tech ecosystem
  • Modern conceptual and logical architectures for information, process and people
  • Positioning of all forms of business analytics and big data
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Demystifying big data analytics

April 2014

Compliments of Platfora Inc.

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Big data analytics is an essential tool in understanding and driving today’s combined online and physical business world. However, there exists considerable confusion about how traditional business data (e.g. POS, inventory, shipping, etc.) can be combined with modern digital data sources. Add the reality of a still evolving technological environment, and the outcome is confusion for many aspiring analysts. The aim of this paper is to demystify the situation.  (more…)

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Why Big Data Analytics Needs Business Intelligence Too

Replay: BrightTALK Webinar, 9 April, 2014

Business and IT are facing the challenge of getting real and urgent value from ever-expanding information sources. Building independent silos of big data analytics is no longer enough. True progress comes only by integrating data from traditional operational and informational sources with the new sources that are becoming available, whether from social media or interconnected machines.

In this webinar, Dr. Barry Devlin describes the thinking, architecture, tools and methods needed to achieve a new joined-up, comprehensive data environment.

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Barry is based in the Bristol area, UK since late 2018.