Business unIntelligence: Beyond Analytics and Big Data

Replay: BrightTALK Webinar, 11 September, 2013

The old world of business intelligence is being transformed into a new biz-tech ecosystem. Analytics is forcing the recombination of operational and informational systems in a consistent and coherent IT environment for all business activities. Big data – despite the hype – introduces two very different types of information that transform how business processes interact with the external world. Together, these directions are driving new business intelligence, very different to its prior form, which presenter Dr. Barry Devlin calls “Business unIntelligence”.

In this session Barry will cover business drivers and results of the biz-tech ecosystem, modern conceptual and logical architectures for information, process and people, the positioning of all forms of business analytics and big data, and provide a roadmap from today’s business intelligence to tomorrow’s business insight and innovation.

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Operational Analytics from A to Z: An integrated platform for enterprise analytics of all sizes

OpAn_IIP_CropMay 2013

Sponsored by International Business Machines

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Operational analytics has become a mandatory competence for modern business.

This paper outlines the business value and technological foundations of operational analytics in a manner that is accessible to the business-savvy IT professional and the computer-aware business manager. A well-integrated, highly cohesive and easily extensible platform to enable operational analytics is defined and shown to be an evolution of well-tried and tested data warehouse technologies. (more…)

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The Big Data Zoo – Taming the Beasts: The need for an integrated platform for enterprise information

October 2012

Sponsored by International Business Machines

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Taming the big data beasts is the next big step in data management. To achieve success, this requires a technically diverse and deeply integrated platform for all information, an enterprise-level approach, and rapid deployment of big data projects.


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Collaborative Business Intelligence: Socializing Team-based Decision Making

September 2012

Business Intelligence Journal, Vol. 17, No. 3 (2012)

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Important and innovative decisions in almost all organizations are mostly made by teams, permanent or transitory, of people, rather than individuals. A new iSight model maps the path from the information cues that signal change is required, through the team interactions and implementation to measurable and repeatable innovation. The key to this progression lies in informal information–the conversations and meetings, messages and e-mails that record the actual path of decision making, that are largely lost today.


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Barry is based in the Bristol area, UK since late 2018.

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