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With Big Data Out of the Box, Maintaining Order is a Must

December 2012

BI Trends & Strategies, Vol. 1, No. 12 (2012)

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It’s easy to foretell continued growth in big data investments next year. But proper management and governance are needed to derive real business value from all that info.



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Big Data Comes of Age: An EMA and 9sight White Paper

November 2012

Multiple sponsors

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The EMA / 9sight Big Data online survey was comprised of 255 business intelligence and data management professionals, and was designed to identify the key trends surrounding the adoption, expectations and challenges connected to Big Data. This report summarizes the findings.  (more…)

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The Big Data Zoo – Taming the Beasts: The need for an integrated platform for enterprise information

October 2012

Sponsored by International Business Machines

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Taming the big data beasts is the next big step in data management. To achieve success, this requires a technically diverse and deeply integrated platform for all information, an enterprise-level approach, and rapid deployment of big data projects.


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Collaborative Business Intelligence: Socializing Team-based Decision Making

September 2012

Business Intelligence Journal, Vol. 17, No. 3 (2012)

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Important and innovative decisions in almost all organizations are mostly made by teams, permanent or transitory, of people, rather than individuals. A new iSight model maps the path from the information cues that signal change is required, through the team interactions and implementation to measurable and repeatable innovation. The key to this progression lies in informal information–the conversations and meetings, messages and e-mails that record the actual path of decision making, that are largely lost today.


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Business Intelligence–NoSQL… No Problem

May 2012

Sponsored by MongoDB

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NoSQL databases are becoming more prevalent, but their possible bole in BI is misunderstod. This paper focuses on MongoDB, a leading document-oriented, NoSQL database, to understand how this technology can be applied to BI and positioning it in a new architectural vision of pervasive support for decision making. Two current customer examples round out the paper, showing what is currently possible.  (more…)

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Integrating Analytics into the Operational Fabric of Your Business, A combined platform for optimizing analytics and operations

April 2012

Sponsored by International Business Machines Corp

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In this paper, we describe what operational analytics is and what it offers to the business. We explore its relationship to business intelligence (BI) and see how traditional data warehouse architectures struggle to support it. Now, the combination of advanced hardware and software technologies–as seen in the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, combining IBM Netezza with System z–provide the opportunity to create a new integrated platform delivering powerful operational analytics within the existing IT fabric of the enterprise.  (more…)

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