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CortexDB Reinvents the Database – Full ThoughtPoint Series

August 2019 Sponsored by CortexAG CortexDB is the first example of a new class of information management tool that allows data and context to be managed with both independence and integration, a feature that is central to reuse of information for different business purposes. Read all five ThoughtPoints in this series in this formatted pdf.

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All Is Well with Data Virtualization

April 2019 Sponsored by Denodo Download pdf This series of four blog posts, published by Denodo between November 2018 and April 2019, explores data virtualization and its application in a variety of use cases. […]

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Process in the Production Analytic Platform

September 2018 Sponsored by IRI Total Data Management. Download pdf The Production Analytic Platform is a data integration paradigm that merges the benefits of the data warehouse and the data lake for faster insight, and bridges operational and informational environments, in particular, to support operational analytics. New insights are described here into the core role [...]

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Thirty Years of Data Warehousing

September 2018 First published in the Business Intelligence Journal, Vol. 23, No. 1 (June 2018) Download pdf Since its first formal, public description in 1988, the data warehouse architecture has successfully provided the foundation for decision making support across enterprises in every industry. With two main interpretations, the architecture has remained stable since the 1990s [...]

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Introducing the Production Analytic Platform

February 2018 Sponsored by Teradata. Download pdf A compendium of four ThoughtPoints published from October 2017 to January 2018 covering: Definition of the concept of a Production Analytic Platform Approaches to handling Temporal Data The ever-shrinking Decision Cycle Future outlook for the Production Analytic Platform […]

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