17 November 2022, Full day workshop at BIA Conference, London

In this full-day workshop from IRM UK, Dr. Barry Devlin explains recently emerged architrectural patterns, data mesh and data lakehouse, and offers guidance on their usefulness and potential implementation.

Agenda and Booking at “BIA Conference, IRM UK”

Data warehouses and lakes are so last century! So, is it time for something better? Data mesh and data lakehouse certainly claim to be so.

But are they? And how do they differ? In essence, they are competing technological responses to the growing needs of digital transformation. So, if you are facing the urgent challenges of delivering high-value, consistent, and near real-time information across Cloud and on-premises environments, it will be critical to understand these approaches, their differences, and how they relate to your current solutions.

In this workshop, Dr. Barry Devlin explains and positions data mesh and lakehouse using the Digital Information Systems Architecture (DISA). Exploring existing and emerging technologies as well as organisational issues, methodologies, and implementation approaches, Barry will help you decide if one of these new approaches is right for your business needs, existing technical environment, and current skills.