Online, 1-2 December 2021

In this two-day online seminar from Technology Transfer, Dr. Barry Devlin explains recently emerged architrectural patterns, data fabric and data mesh, as well as data lakehouse, and offers guidance on their usefulness and potential implementation.

Register at “Data Mesh, Data Fabric – Unravelling Digital Information Systems”, 1-2 Dec 2021

Is it time for something new? Two new frameworks have recently emerged: Data Fabric and Data Mesh. But what are they? Are they truly novel or simply marketing hype? Are they the same thing? How do they relate to the Data Warehouse, Lake, Hub, or even Lakehouse? What are their benefits and drawbacks? Should you be planning a Mesh or a Fabric? If so, where would you start?

All these new and old terms, with overlapping scopes and different promoters, are types of Digital Information Systems, designed to manage and deliver data/information to all digital business processes in today’s complex distributed and network-centric environments.

Dr. Barry Devlin explains and positions Data Fabric and Mesh, as well as other concepts, old and new, using as a foundation the Digital Information Systems Architecture (DISA) first defined in “Business Unintelligence”. Existing and emerging technologies for Data Storage, Preparation, and Virtualization; Data Catalogs; and other tools, both on-premises and Cloud, are described. Also explored are a variety of organisational issues, methodologies, and implementation approaches.