TDWI Munich Conference 22-24 June, 2015

Barry Devlin presents a three-hour class:

Building a Data Driven Business: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Wednesday, 24 June, 9am – noon

The concept of data driven business is becoming increasingly important as social media and the Internet of Things offer ever larger quantities of data about people’s thoughts and behaviours. Such data creates new business opportunities for interacting with customers, anticipating their needs and responding proactively to them. This same data allows invasion of personal privacy, customer alienation and market destruction. These opportunities and pitfalls demand much broader thinking and planning than traditional BI projects. This workshop covers:

  • Business drivers and sample use cases for a data driven business
  • Architectural approaches, evolution vs. revolution
  • Positioning data, information, knowledge and meaning
  • Context-setting information and the evolution of metadata
  • Technology choices, focus areas for new tools, hype to avoid
  • Defining a roadmap to and implementing a data driven business

Target Audience: BI Managers, DW Architects, Project Leaders, IT-aware business managers