Masters of Big Data, Auckland, 25 August, 2015 and Wellington, 27 August, 2015

Barry Devlin keynotes with:

Big Data 2015 – The bold and the beautiful… and the downright dangerous

Both dates, 9:15am – 10:15am

The beauty of big data is rapidly expanding to encompass the even bigger and bolder Internet of Things. The time has come to take stock of what we are doing, where we are succeeding and, most importantly, where we are creating major challenges for the future. In this session, Dr. Barry Devlin explores three key aspects of the world of big data:

  1. The bold: Creative use of big data is transforming business models, empowering startups and enhancing or destroying existing business value
  2. The beautiful: Making the right architectural and technological choices is vital in designing and managing the automated environments big data should have and the Internet of Things will demand
  3. The dangerous: Broader economic and ethical issues raised by big data must be urgently considered if we are to successfully navigate this transformation of business and technology