Business Intelligence Summit, Johannesburg, 1-3 March, 2016

Barry will chair a panel on “Taking BI to the decision maker” on Tuesday, 1 March and present a half-day workshop entitled “Business unIntelligence – Decision Making via Algorithms and Big Data” on Thursday, 3 March.

Half-day workshop: “Business unIntelligence – Decision Making via Algorithms and Big Data”

The creative use of big data, especially that from the Internet of Things, is transforming business models, empowering start-ups, and enhancing or destroying existing business value.

Many proponents focus on marketing uses of big data, but most value—or disruption—will come from its daily application in novel and transformative ways. For IT, making the right architectural and technological choices is vital in designing and managing the automated environments big data should have and the Internet of Things will demand. Significant improvements in data management and governance will be needed.

Furthermore, business and IT together must look at the broader ethical and economic issues raised by big data. Concerns around personal privacy, employment and social disruption must all be urgently addressed if individual businesses and society at large are to successfully navigate this data driven transformation of all aspects of business and technology.

Key outcomes

  • Recognise business opportunities and pitfalls in the use of big data
  • Drive enhanced collaboration between business and IT in modern data use
  • Understand the key architectures and technologies for use in big data decision making
  • Plan for novel implementation and governance implications of big data use
  • Address privacy and economic issues arising from algorithms and automation