Transitioning “Old” BI to Embrace the Next Wave, Webinar, 29 June 2016

9:30-10:30am EDT

In this insightful webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Barry Devlin will describe a modern, comprehensive information architecture that combines the best of current data warehousing approaches and facilitates integration of cutting-edge systems.

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With big data and analytics now commonplace and algorithms seen as the next wave of IT, some companies with existing data warehouse and business intelligence systems worry how these new approaches will shake up traditional BI and what must be done to implement new systems and solutions.

Unfortunately, a great deal of current advice focuses on what’s new rather than what to do to get from today’s world to fully integrated big data/analytics/algorithmic systems and reap the clear benefits while avoiding the pitfalls.

Based on Devlin’s “Business unIntelligence” concepts and beyond, the webinar will address:

  • Business opportunities and dangers in an emerging digitalized world
  • Modern conceptual and logical architectures for information, process, and people
  • Positioning algorithms, analytics and big data in the context of existing BI systems

Attendees will understand how to address new analytic business needs; avoid complete “rip-and-replace” approaches to support these new needs; and discover how to position new technologies in the context of current systems.