Business Intelligence Summit, Johannesburg, 14-16 March, 2016

Barry will keynote on “The New MDM – moral data management” on Wednesday, 15 March and present a half-day workshop entitled “Data Lakes – From Architecture to Implementation” on Thursday, 16 March.

Keynote: “The New MDM – moral data management”

Data management has long been of primary concern only to IT. It should never have been that way, but now it’s becoming even less appropriate. As digitalisation, AI and robotics take centre stage in business and in the public eye, every aspect of decision-making comes under new scrutiny. From the data we collect and store, through how we cleanse and manipulate it, all the way to analysis and decisions, we face ethical and moral decisions on what to do and how to behave. This is not just an IT concern, nor even just a business concern… it’s about doing the right thing for humanity. This session is a call to action to all of us in the data industry to look beyond the profit motive and cost constraints.


Half-day workshop: “Data Lakes – From Architecture to Implementation”

In this half-day seminar, Dr Barry Devlin, originator of the first data warehouse architecture in the mid-1980s, explores the reality of data lakes from the perspective of architecture, implementation and technology to provide a practical view of what can and should be done about them.

  • Understand the history and real meaning of the “data lake” concept
  • Distinguish between data warehouse, lake and reservoir architectures
  • Describe the architecture and functional characteristics of a data lake
  • Identify key technologies and tools used in data lakes
  • Explore the vital steps required to implement a data lake