How to Build the Digital Business using Intelligent Information and Adaptive Technology, Rome, 30-31 May 2017

A two-day seminar describing the architecture and technology options for digitalized business, based on the book Business unIntelligence (attendees will receive a copy)and subsequent developments.

Digital Business combines the traditional physical and modern digital worlds in transformative ways. In the process, it creates innovative opportunities as well as insidious threats to old ways of doing business. From finance to fashion, telecommunications to transport, businesses that reinvent their processes will survive and thrive; those that ignore this major shift will wither and die. The keys to process reinvention are Intelligent Information and Adaptive Technology.

Old approaches, such as BI and DW are the foundation for evolution to the Digital Business, but are also only table stakes for survival. From data lakes to predictive analytics, algorithms to cognitive computing, social media to the Internet of Things, the technology underlying business is changing rapidly. The implications span the entire IT environment, reinvent the complete depth of business processes, and recreate the full breadth of the business organisation.

Digital Business demands a new IT architecture that reintegrates all decision making and action across all its processes. This architecture incorporates all the technological advances in databases, NoSQL stores, data integration and delivery, as well as the old challenges of spreadsheets, SOA, metadata, distributed access, collaboration, etc. It provides a comprehensive structure for the full enterprise IT integration needed by modern businesses. And it directly addresses current issues, such as operational BI, strategic decision making, information discovery and enterprise-wide decision management. This new approach has evolved from current technologies and systems to facilitate easier adoption.

Learn how your IT environment and organisation can succeed and become a real partner with business in driving change and managing the introduction of fully integrated, real-time processes, closely linking information and activities from all areas of the enterprise. As decision making and action taking become ever more tightly bound, you need a new business vision and architecture to reap the very real business benefits promised by new technologies. Business and IT must work closely together in a tightly-integrated Digital Business.

The delegates will also receive a copy of the book “Business Intelligence: Insight and Innovation beyond Analytics and Big Data” by Barry Devlin

What you will learn

  • Business drivers and technical rationale for a new architectural approach
  • The possibilities and challenges of new database and data management technologies, including Hadoop, NoSQL, column stores and other analytic appliances
  • Using data virtualization and ETL as tools for integration of all types of content and data
  • Positioning and using Web, Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration in support of decision-making
  • The importance of user context and roles in decision processes
  • Structure and components of the new architecture
  • Practical steps to grow and improve your current Data Warehouse to the new architecture

Main Topics

  • The Meaning and Implications of Digital Business
  • A New Architecture – Business Drivers and Technological Evolution
  • Data and Information – the Foundation for Everything
  • Formal and Informal Business Processes – Getting from Information to Action
  • People – Action-Oriented Decision Making and Engaging Innovation
  • Planning and Implementation