February 2018

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A compendium of four ThoughtPoints published from October 2017 to January 2018 covering:

  1. Definition of the concept of a Production Analytic Platform
  2. Approaches to handling Temporal Data
  3. The ever-shrinking Decision Cycle
  4. Future outlook for the Production Analytic Platform

1. And now… a Production Analytic Platform

October 2017

The data warehouse can and should evolve into a Production Analytic Platform to support operational implementation of predictive analytic models developed in the data lake and elsewhere.  The Teradata Database embeds analytic function that supports this goal.

2. Production Analytic Platform—It’s a Matter of Time

November 2017

The Production Analytic Platform marries predictive analytics to production values and goals. Handling the complexities of analyzing time dependent data, especially from the Internet of Things, is central to this objective. The Teradata Database embeds extensive temporal and time-series storage and analytic function to enable success.

3. Production Analytic Platform—A Shrinking Decision Cycle

December 2017

A blend of predictive analytics with production values and goals is a mandatory foundation for the tightly-coupled, closed-loop decision-making cycles characteristic of modern digital businesses. As time-to-decision decreases, reliability, maintainability, and other qualities of the Production Analytic Platform become increasingly important.

4. Production Analytic Platform—Into the Future

January 2018

As might be expected of any architectural thinking, the Production Analytic Platform must look beyond current issues and solutions to how business and technology environments may evolve. The final ThoughtPoint in this series considers how advances in analytics and artificial intelligence influence this approach.