April 2019

Sponsored by Denodo

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This series of four blog posts, published by Denodo between November 2018 and April 2019, explores data virtualization and its application in a variety of use cases.

Table of contents:

  • Virtualizing the Data Warehouse introduces the concept of data virtualization and Denodo‚Äôs product architecture
  • Gaining Real-time Insight illustrates how data virtualization allows access to real-time data in combination with point-in-time warehouse data
  • A Warehouse in a Lake, Data Virtually describes an architecture that supports both a data warehouse and data lake accessed through data virtualization
  • More Structured or Less, Data Virtualization Delivers discusses how data virtualization allows access to and use of data of all levels of structuring within a typical application

All these uses are described in the context of an imaginary bank and the efforts of its new CIO, Alice Well, to overcome years of legacy thinking and old systems.