Data Modeling Zone Europe, Berlin, 10-11 October 2016

Barry keynotes the conference on Tuesday, October 11, with “From BI to AI – Models, Ethics and Economics”

From BI to AI – Models, Ethics and Economics

The creative use of big data from social media and the Internet of Things is transforming business models, empowering start-ups, and enhancing or destroying existing business value. Many proponents focus on marketing uses of big data, but most value—and disruption—will come from its daily operational application in novel, transformative ways.

From slim beginnings thirty years ago in BI to support decision making, data collection and analysis is now enabling AI systems to make financial recommendations or answer customer calls. They are diagnosing cancer and offering treatment options, and driving autonomous trucks. Large swathes of decision making and action taking are being automated, untouched by human hand. Even complex decisions are increasingly augmented by cognitive computing systems.

Making the right design choices is vital in designing and managing such environments. However, true business and IT leadership requires considering the broader ethical and economic issues raised by this transformation. Concerns around personal privacy, employment and social disruption must all be urgently addressed if individual businesses and society at large are to successfully navigate this data driven transformation of all aspects of business and technology, and even society.