From BI to IoT: Many Needs, Multiple Tools but Only One Architecture, Netherlands, 6 February 2017

This one-day seminar by Barry is based on the architecture described in his book “Business unIntelligence” and developments since then. A signed copy of the book is offered free to every attendee.

The Internet of Things completes the business journey from a warehouse of internally-focused and largely historical data to real-time, AI-assisted decision making based on all information. New business opportunities call and modern technologies vie for attention. But are the needs so different that we need to rip and replace the old systems? Are the new technologies so dissimilar that all we ever learned about information management is obsolete? Some vendors and consultants would have us believe that we need to fully embrace new technology, architectures and methods to the exclusion of the old.

Not so… What we really need is a modern, well-designed architecture that can and does include all business needs from strategic management to operational decisions and action. It must include all technical platforms, old and new, current and future. And it should recognise the complementary roles of people, process and information to deliver true cross-enterprise decision making support. Dr. Barry Devlin draws on thirty years of experience to define this common architecture, discuss tooling choices, and describe implementation steps, based on his seminal book “Business unIntelligence—Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data”.

Who should attend

CIOs and chief data officers, IT program managers, business sponsors and tech-savvy end users, BI architects, program management and BI COC/COE staff